Supported Organizations

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WWF Greece

WWF Greece is a member of the World Wide Fund for Nature, particularly active in the local environmental issues. It  safeguards the national heritage of species and places, but also it contributes for a sustainable future by planning accordingly the way of life and a living economy.

Elpida Association

ELPIDA – Association of Friends of Children with Cancer aims to support children with cancer and their families by all means, by constantly setting and implementing goals dictated by the  new requirements in the field of childhood cancer

Alma Zois

Meaning Step of Life, Alma Zois is a non-profit body whose members and volunteers are exclusively women committed to combatting breast cancer. The organization works on raising awareness among women on preventing breast cancer, early diagnosis, and successful treatment. In parallel, it offers psycho-social support to women who suffer from the disease, providing as well free health services (e.g. mammograms).

The Smile of a Child

Acting as every child’s guardian, this organization works to preserve every child’s wellbeing in a society of economic and moral decline. It provides housing and care for children who are victims of poverty, illness and abuse. The organization also organizes activities that support the prevention of misfortune.